Bibione Beach CoEd & d1pierre10coups

About the Bibione Beach Challenge contribution to the d1pierre10coups projects
In 1999, we are 3 friends and Ultimate players, Malte (from Geneva), Paul (Flying Bisch #8) and me Pierre (from Brussels); we left on a discovery journey to Senegal in Africa travelling by van and motorbike.

Shortly before we left, I met a Senegalese emigrant who lives in Paris. He told me about his village Barmathial. Without any further information, we decided to go past there.

I have visited Barmathial 15 times since then. The village is very isolated, has few resources and is subsequently very poor. Up to very recently, all the adults living in the village were illiterate.

The early years of the project
After the difficult start of a primary school in the village in 1996, the first children of Barmathial finished in 2004 the primary school cycle. Continuing their studies at the college (located far away from their village) was not as obvious as it is in rich countries.

Secondary education revealed further setbacks; the financial costs first, but also the children « grow up » far from their village and families, with very few support… The students were discovering a new and unknown path, that of college tuition !

I therefore decided to assist them in this difficult but exciting path to education and knowledge by establishing a system of scholarships and support with school supplies – whilst keeping track of their results and maintaining regular contact with them and their teachers.

This school year 2016-2017 is the twelfth year of this experience. The number of college students rose from 6 in 2004 … to more than 70 in 2016 ! Around 20 of them are in the last years.

In july 2013, the first ever student of Barmathial graduated after completion of the full secondary school cycle; he has been admitted to continue his studies at the university of Dakar and is now in 3rd year in the Physics Department !

In july 2014, 2015 and 2016, 6 other students graduated and continue with postgraduate studies.

So this is in a nutshell what this project is all about and to which Paul and I suggest that you contribute a few €uros

You can send us your e-mail if you wish, and I will keep you informed on further developments. More detailed info (in french) on this site (

Thanks to the Bibione 2016 tournament organization, BB-SEA transferred this year 2000 € on the d1pierre10coups account, helping us for the 6th time in a row to continue our support to the students of Barmathial.