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4 STAZIONI Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
BB-SEA International Roster  Scoreboard  Games
BEENETTON RACING BRAINS Austria Roster  Scoreboard  Games
BUBBA Italy Roster  Scoreboard  Games
CHUPACABRAS Czech Republic Roster  Scoreboard  Games
COLORADO Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
CUB Netherlands Roster  Scoreboard  Games
DISC FICTION Austria Roster  Scoreboard  Games
DISCOFEVER (kamikaze) Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
FdFRISBEE GERETSRIED Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
FIVEFINS Italy Roster  Scoreboard  Games
FLYING SAUCERS Switzerland Roster  Scoreboard  Games
FRASBA_OLD Italy Roster  Scoreboard  Games
FRAU RAUSCHER & THE BEMBELBOYS Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
FUNATICS Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
GEMISCHTER SATZ Austria Roster  Scoreboard  Games
GOOD OLD DISCOUNT Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
HEIDEES Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
HELL?YEAH! Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
IRON HORSE Slovakia Roster  Scoreboard  Games
JOHNNY DEAR Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
KARL Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
KO-MET Slovenia Roster  Scoreboard  Games
LAST MINUTE Belgium Roster  Scoreboard  Games
MINT Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
MOSQUITOS Austria Roster  Scoreboard  Games
MR&MRS SMITH Switzerland Roster  Scoreboard  Games
OMGWTF International Roster  Scoreboard  Games
OSTRICH Austria Roster  Scoreboard  Games
PULLDOGGS Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
SANDMADE Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
SEICHTWASSERSCHNORCHLER Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
STYRIAN HAWKS Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
SUGARMIX Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
TEAM SUDSEE Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
TEAM SUDSEE_2 Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
TIEFSEETAUCHER Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
TOHUWABOHU Switzerland Roster  Scoreboard  Games
UFO Italy Roster  Scoreboard  Games
UNWUCHT ERLANGEN Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
VIRGIN TONIC France Roster  Scoreboard  Games
WARRIOR OF THE WORLD Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
WER(F)WOLFE Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
WOODIES Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
WUNDER TEAM Austria Roster  Scoreboard  Games
ZAMPERL SENIOR Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
BERLINER PLAUZE Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
HOCHSEEPIRATEN Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
NOVA Ukraine Roster  Scoreboard  Games
SKY UP Slovakia Roster  Scoreboard  Games
SUICIDE SQUAD Italy Roster  Scoreboard  Games
UFO_1 open Italy Roster  Scoreboard  Games
UFO_2 open Italy Roster  Scoreboard  Games