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4 STAZIONI Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
ARS LUDENDI Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
AUSTRIAN NAT.MIXED Austria Roster  Scoreboard  Games
BB-SEA International Roster  Scoreboard  Games
BEENETTON RACING BRAINS Austria Roster  Scoreboard  Games
BUTTSQUEEZERS International Roster  Scoreboard  Games
COLORADO Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
CUS BRESCIA Italy Roster  Scoreboard  Games
DISC FICTION Austria Roster  Scoreboard  Games
DR.JONES & THE SQUID LIPS Austria Roster  Scoreboard  Games
EXTRA DRY Italy Roster  Scoreboard  Games
FRISS DIE FRISSBEE GERETSRIED Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
FRIZMI Slovenia Roster  Scoreboard  Games
GB NAT.MASTER MIX Great Britain Roster  Scoreboard  Games
GB NAT.WOMEN Great Britain Roster  Scoreboard  Games
KARL Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
MEEHR Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
MENTAL DISCORDER Slovakia Roster  Scoreboard  Games
PLANSCHBECKENPINKLER Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
PULLDOGS Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
RANDALE Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
SEICHTWASSERSCHNORCHLER Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
SUDSEE TEAM Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
SUGARMIX Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
SWEDEN NAT.MIXED Sweden Roster  Scoreboard  Games
SYZYGY Czech Republic Roster  Scoreboard  Games
TIEFSEETAUCHER Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
TOHUWABOHU International Roster  Scoreboard  Games
UFO Italy Roster  Scoreboard  Games
UNWUCHT ERLANGEN Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
ZAMPER JUNIOR Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
ZAMPERL SENIOR Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
AUSTRIAN NAT.GGM Austria Roster  Scoreboard  Games
GERMAN NAT.GM Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
HELL?YEAH! Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
HOCHSEEPIRATEN Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games
UFO_OPEN Italy Roster  Scoreboard  Games
WARRIORS OF THE WORLD Germany Roster  Scoreboard  Games